DINETEK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was formed in Nov 4th 2015 with a burning desire to create sustainable technological products and services that shapes the way businesses is being done and portray the African culture this we do by creating future solutions that will help families and businesses productive. Our slogan/motto is ‘’Building with the future in mind’’.
DINETEK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is an engineering firm with focus on IT infrastructure and Renewable energy technology. 
At Dinetek we do not respect Tradition, we respect Culture because we go beyond the norm, and we are visionary people whose standard for excellence is unbeatable. We are people who recognize the right thing to do and will rather flout the rules to achieve excellence. As a technology driven organization we take research and development as the foundation of existence and our people are the greatest asset, there welfare is our assurance for sustainability.

Our Vision

• To be the No 1 technology firm globally that leverage on smart innovation to build sustainable future solutions to homes and businesses that will portray the African culture and style.

We will sustain your Business

Our Mission

  • To constantly look for the best financing options to providing affordable clean energy to families and businesses.
  • To constantly serve our customers through having a thorough understanding of their perceived needs and building communities around our product and services and constantly offering trainings that will help create value for the community.
  • To increase business productivity to the client we serve by providing efficient and secure IT solutions.